I am an experienced real-time 3D artist and team lead. Recently, I worked as the Director of 3D Content at InContext Solutions. I was the owner of both product and production aspects of 3D content for InContext Solutions. My responsibilities included leading a team of 3D artists creating virtual retail spaces in Unity for our real-time VR capable software in addition to managing the team and their career growth, 3D asset creation, video editing, optimization, working closely with 3D outsourcing vendors, and our pipeline team to increase efficiency and quality. I played an active role on the Product and Design team to help drive user focused features in our client facing 3D software and ensure the content we created was strategic. I conducted user research via presentations and training sessions of our software's capabilities to a variety of clients including fortune 500 companies.
Clients: Kelloggs, Coca Cola, Walmart, Walgreens...

Outside of work, I have passion for wildlife photography, seeing beautiful places, guitar, mixing up cocktails and saying hi to every dog I come across.
 Please feel free to contact me at:
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