Currently, I am working as the Director of 3D Content at Incontext Solutions. I am the owner of both product and production aspects of 3D content for Unity based desktop/VR market research software. My responsibilities include leading a team of 3D artists creating environments in Unity, and working closely with 3D outsourcing vendors and our pipeline team to increase efficiency and quality. I constantly evaluate our client use cases and play an active role on the Product team to ensure we create the best possible user experience. To ensure a thorough understanding of our users and to facilitate business development, I give presentations of our software's capabilities to a variety of clients including fortune 500 companies.
Clients: Kelloggs, Coca Cola, Walmart, Walgreens...
Outside of work, I have passion for wildlife photography, seeing beautiful places, guitar and saying hi to every dog I come across.
 Please feel free to contact me at:
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